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Bad Little Boy - Adventure Time

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Bad Little Boy - Adventure Time - Letra

Marshall lee: Follow my lead

Fionna: Hey!

Marshall: Good little girl, always picking
A fight with
Me. You know that I’m bad, but you’re
Spending the
With me. What do you want from my
World? You’re a good
Little girl.

Fionna: Bad little boy, that’s what you’re
Acting like.
I really don’t buy that you’re that kind of
Guy. And if
You are… why do you want to hang out
With me?

Marshall lee: -hisses and chuckles-

Marshall lee: Don’t you know I’m a
Every night I’m out killin’, sendin’
Everyone runnin’
Like children. I know why you’re mad at
Me. I’ve got
Demon eyes and they’re lookin’ right
Through your
Anatomy, into your deepest fears. Baby,
I’m not from
Here. T’m from the nightosphere. to me
You’re clear,
Transparent. You’ve got a thing for me
Girl. It’s

Cake(in the background)! Ih oh! I got a
Hot potata!
And I got two hot tomata's! That make a
Good sauce maybe, so I'll
Shake my bottle baby. I'll shake it and
Shake it and shake it and shake it
And shake it all over.

Fionna: You know you're not so bad.

Marshall lee? Iot so bad? I'm the son of
Demon and the vampire king... That's not
Something I
Have to try at. You on the other hand..

Cake:..! Fhe table! for as long as I am

Fionna:I'm not trying to be bad. I'm
Hanging out with you because
You're my friend.

Marshall lee: What, like him? (blows
Cream puff in fionna's face)

Fionna:no, diffrent (kicks marshall)

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