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Donuts - Barry Louis Polisar

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Donuts - Barry Louis Polisar - Letra

Tomatoes from the garden are a summer treat
But it's a donut that I wanna eat
Put 'em in your salad, put 'em in your stew
Heat 'em and eat 'em with your barbecue

Honey glazed or filled with jelly
Gives life meaning as it fills your belly
But be careful 'cause I swear that it'll
Give you a bulge right in your middle
Just like life, so round and sweet;
Eat too many, it'll settle in your seat

Don't feel sad or insecure;
Ain't nothing in the world that a donut won't cure
Eat 'em with your meat loaf, eat 'em with your greens
Eat 'em with your brocolli, eat 'em with your beans

Matzo balls and chicken broth can help you through the croup
But I'd rather have a donut floatin' in my soup
Take em from the freezer; fry 'em on a griddle
When the sugar melts, stick ice cream in the middle

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