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Go And Hush - Barry Louis Polisar

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Go And Hush - Barry Louis Polisar - Letra

"Go and hush the baby," was what my Mommy said,
The baby was crying; I thought she'd wet her bed.
I went into the baby's room, said, "Baby, don't you cry."
But baby didn't listen so I sang a lullaby.
I bounced her in my arms, I sat her in a chair.
I caught her almost every time I threw her in the air.

But baby kept on crying, I couldn't make her stop,
I tried to make her burp, but baby just would not.
I thought perhaps I'd wash her--her smell was hard to stand.
I grabbed my nose and changed her clothes; that's how it all began.
I was washing baby when baby disappeared,
I don't know how it happened; I just know that it sounds weird.

A hand came up from in the pipe and pulled her down the drain,
And now it seems that baby will not be seen again.
There is no trace of baby now--there is no residue,
Just a piece of broken soap and a bottle of shampoo.
I think my mom and dad will yell--they'll tell me I'm so bad;
To think I lost another one--oh boy, will they be mad!

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