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Lost Youth - Blind Pigs

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Lost Youth - Blind Pigs - Letra

In just a wink of an eye
The best times of your life went by
They're now just photographs
Limited editions of your past
In a more innocent time
Worring was a word unknown
Now problems haunt your head
While you're alone being left alone

Now sit and cry your life flew by
And in the end you'll be the one who didn't live life
(And I remenber how you criticized my life)
Lost your youth acting mature
That's something I known for sure
Lost youth
You lost your youth it drowned so fast
Now it's no use in trying to grasp
Your lost youth

Your innocence died long ago
Frustration controls your soul
Can't go back now you're trapped
In a point of no return

In your narrow minded life
All you do is criticize
What you don't understand
What you don't comprehend

You'll never understand


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