Sweer Fury - Blind Pigs | Letra da Música

Sweer Fury - Blind Pigs

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Sweer Fury - Blind Pigs - Letra

People try to put me down
And change the way I am
But I'm getting by anyway I can
And while you torture yourself being somethig you are not
Sick pride destroys your soul and heart

I don't regret anything I've done or said
Sweet fury is a time bomb in my head

Sweet fury - when I get old
Sweet fury - the time bomb will explode
Sweet fury - and the again sweet fury will take control

This is not an age
Or a phase we're going throught
It's somethig we belive in
And we fuckin' love to do
So don't try to control me
That's something you'll never do
You call it immaturity
I call it courage to be new

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