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You Love Me Anyway - Ffh

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You Love Me Anyway - Ffh - Letra

That's it, I've had enough
I think I'm giving up
I can't stay on this balance beam
I thought i had it all
Then I messed it up
The same old thing got the best of me

Then I turn around to see You
Knocking at my door
I can't believe You're still with me
You deserve so much more

You , You love me anyway
I am here to say
That I'm not good enough
For You, but You love me anyway
And I'm thankful everyday
That You never give in
You say it's ok
You love me anyway

Here I am again
The middle of this road
I try to move but never take a step
So what can I say?
Another chance is gone
How many of those do I get?

I try to run but You keep me
Walking by Your side
I see compassion in Your eyes
And a love I can't describe

Your love's amazing
It's never changing
Whenever I need You
You're right on time
You love me constantly
Even in spite of me
When I mess up time after time
And you never abandon me
You just keep loving me
When I try to run and hide

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