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Bedevilment - Heavy Trash

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Bedevilment - Heavy Trash - Letra

Operator get me Graham 3865
I got to hear my baby's voice on the line
She got the power to rule my mind
That's bedevilment

Baby, baby
Let me, let me lick-a your lips
And move-a your neck
And swivel your hips
You got a certain something that's making me flip
Bedevilment, bedevilment

You make me love ya
I have no shame
Pretty cute girl make your name the same
I'm gonna tell your daddy that your the one to blame for my bedevilment

Baby you're so far away
And I'm way over here
I just got to, got to, get you, out

Oh, look out, ooh


D, O, double-G prefer the juice with the gin
Jeffrey Lee Pierce took the heroin
I got you baby you're my sin
Your my bedevilment
Yes, you got me feeling so dog garn wild
I dig your style, straight juvenile
Oh baby please let's take it slow for a while
B, b, b, bedevilment

Yeah, you're so far away
And I'm way over here
I gotta, gotta, gotta get you out
Gotta, baby, baby, bedevilment
Gotta to lose me
B, b, bedevilment
Baby, bedevilment

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