99,5 - Jimi Jamison | Letra da Música

99,5 - Jimi Jamison

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99,5 - Jimi Jamison - Letra

I got to have all your love every night and day,
Not just a little part, but all your heart,
Cause 99,5 just won't do,,
Ain't gonna make it.

Don't be led in the wrong direction,
Stop and think a man needs love and affection,
Cause 99,5 just won't do,
Ain't gonna get it.

We got to bring it on down now,
It's not gettin' right,
Stop messin' around,
Keep thing up right, we got to realize,
That 99,5 just won't do.

99,5 just won't do,
Got to have a hundred baby,
Baby from you,
Ain't no use in foolin' ourselves,
Ain't gonna get by on 99,5.

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