Heartless - Sean Nicholas Savage | Letra da Música

Heartless - Sean Nicholas Savage

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Heartless - Sean Nicholas Savage - Letra

Remember when you used to send me butterflies?
Across your ocean I
So here's the kingdom with your brass
Back in your jungle, I was always heartless

I lived heartless

And fearless though my body was flat
Had the hands of the teeth with
I couldn't have under clouds of blood
Any mistake and problem, I knew I'd become

Heartless, heartless

Don't ask me why I'm singing here
In the kitchen mirror
Entertaining here the child, the conqueror
The palace, then cut the open and let me hear

Heartless. Heartless

Hide in your beauty my obsessive jungle pride
For the final side
The same boys who once had dreams of wins
Beautiful things, that left me

Heartless. Heartless

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