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Somebody's Everything (feat. Jewels) - Skepta

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Somebody's Everything (feat. Jewels) - Skepta - Letra

You've spent your whole life looking for love
You couldn't find anything
You've been searching for trust
Keep your baggage in the hallway, it's okay
You've been driving the wrong way, all day
Little did you know, you're somebody's everything

Yeah, yeah
The phone in the surgery just keeps on ringing
She just wants to feel like she's alive, so the doctors are making a killing
Fighting and losing the battle against Photoshop while the papers are winning
Still no sign of the finishing line but way too far from the beginning
Her body wasn't growing as fast as all the other girls in the school
She eventually started to catch feelings when everybody was hurling abuse
Swerving the truth, Mum's telling her she's killing her body but still
She's felt like the abuse has left more scars the any type of surgery will
Now she's all grown up, if only Dad would of shown more love
Then she wouldn't be seeking attention from all these other guys in the club
A good girl in a wrong dress, confidence got taken away
Now all she's left with is a complex, another victim of a next sexual conquest

As a wise lady once said, love the skin you're in
Because beauty has no rules
If they're trying to sell an impossible dream to a fool
Then, you ain't the fool to buy one
These pictures and publications have got people packing their bags for a journey that has no destination
But who am I kidding?
Every day I'm with different women
Pocket full of twenty pound notes, she likes receiving and I like giving
So I just sit in my chair, vision impaired, she's kissing my ear
And I'll probably say some hypocritical shit like "why's a pretty lady like you gotta work in here?"

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