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GreyGoose - Yung Lean

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GreyGoose - Yung Lean - Letra

I don't give a fuss
I just don't do
Pill popping in the club
With my whole crew
clubs where they is brand new
Like everything I do is brand new

Now I'm tripping on that cash flow
Still the same dude with a nice flow
Flex that ass, shawty drop it real low
Shawty goes to pick up dollars all on the flo

Lean Doer with these bitches and hoes
I'm a nice guy and it really goes to prove
Now I'm tripping, ?all I wanna know?
Now I'm sipping, Bacardi ?
Now I'm tripping, like I always do
Up in the club, sipping Grey Goose
Keep my Polo fitted, now I make noose
Turn up in the club sipping on that Grey Goose

Got that vodka and that orange juice
Everything I do, is to show I'm brand new
I don't give a fucking ?
who will run this bitch
With the Lean
Now I'm tripping (brand new)
Now I'm sipping, like I always do
Now I'm tripping, still the same dude
Yeah I got that fashion with Bape shirt
And I'll have ya steam turned up shawty and panties all free

Now I'm tripping like I always do
Now I'm sipping, sipping on Grey Goose
Tripping, I always seem to do
Go up in the club but nothing's brand new

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